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Essential Angular, by Victor Savkin & Jeff Cross


© 2016 - 2017 Victor Savkin & Jeff Cross


About the book

This book aims to be a short but complete overview of the key aspects of Angular: it covers the framework’s mental model, its API, and the design principles behind it.

To make one thing clear: this book is not a how-to-get-started guide. There is a lot of information about it available online. The goal of this book is different. Read this book after you toyed around with the framework, but before you embark on writing your fist serious Angular application. The book will give you a strong foundation. It will help you put all the concepts into right places. So you will have a good understanding of why the framework is the way it is.

What's covered?

  • Chapter 1: Compilation
  • Chapter 2: NgModules
  • Chapter 3: Components and Directives
  • Chapter 4: Templates
  • Chapter 5: Dependency Injection
  • Chapter 6: Change Detection
  • Chapter 7: Forms
  • Chapter 8: Testing
  • Chapter 9: Reactive Programming in Angular

About the Authors

Victor Savkin and Jeff Cross are core contributors to the Angular projects. Victor has been on the Angular team since the inception of Angular 2. Victor developed dependency injection, change detection, forms, and the router. Jeff was one of the earliest core team members on Angular 1. He developed the Angular 2 http and AngularFire2 modules, contributed to RxJS 5, and was most recently the Tech Lead of the Angular Mobile team at Google.

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About Nrwl and Nx

We at Nrwl we use our experience working at Google to help companies build frontend applications the way Google does it.

That is why we built Nx,  a set of tools designed specifically to help teams work with monorepos. With it, you can implement Google-style development in your organization: you can set up your workspace, enable code-sharing and collaboration, and use the provided tools to establish and promote best practices.