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Every Second Monday   |   1:00 - 2:00 PM EST

Members from the Nx Core Team will show you tips and techniques to use Nx, and answer your questions. If you're have a specific challenge you can join the live-streamed video session and ask your question to our team. 

Learn how to use monorepo-style development to create software like top tech companies, and it’ll soon be your go-to choice for every project.


Ask your questions to Nx core team members

Brandon Roberts, Senior Engineer | Nrwl


Brandon is a  Senior Angular Engineer at Nrwl, building  developer tools, and helping enterprise companies be successful building large applications using a monorepo approach. He enjoys learning new things, helping other developers solve problems, and contributing to open source.
He is a GDE, technical writer, and also a maintainer of the NgRx project, building high-quality, reactive libraries for Angular. Twitter: @brandontroberts

Juri Strumpflohner, Architect | Nrwl


Juri is an Architect at Nrwl, and a Google Developer Expert. He is also an Instructor at egghead.io, and an expert in Angular and JavaScript. He blogs and speaks frequently. He is an ambassador for Cypress.io. 
Twitter: @juristr




... And more guests from the Nx core team!